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Very well made, I like how I figured out the combo mechanic after a few goes. Got to a 70+ combo before I decided I should get back to work. 

Tbh I am not a fan of memey games, but this has some simple but good bones on it. 

Add some kind of sideways dash, use some custom character concepts and beef up the scoring system and you could have a really sellable little arcade title. Hell, add local co-op and you could have a fun couch game along the lines of Pang. 

Cool game, but controls are not clear. The first two times I tried to press the whole keyboard to shoot. The third time I managed to shoot by doing double jump but this is very far from obvious and should be explicitly stated. This time I scored 17230

Co-creator here, thanks for playing man. I fully agree with you.. the how to play and the games description on itch  doesn't even mention  that the jump and shoot are the same button, in game its referenced as "fire 1" .. id like to make that what ever key you chose before playing. after the voting has ended i am planning on going back an doing some clean up. thanks for the feedback!!


This Game Is Hilarious

Wow thank you so much for playing and recording yourself! It honestly made this whole jam worth it, and you made my night!

Best game ever lol, so fun.

Thanks for playing it! It means a lot! I will check out your game when I have a chance! I was only able to play for a minute so far!

Nah, don't worry, it didn't turn out fun. But with yours we really laughed, just wanted to let you know. :)